Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Finish from Earlier

I finished quilting and binding a quilt earlier this year.  I first participated in a Challenge approximately 2 years ago.  We put our fabric in a bag, then switched it with another person's bag, and brought back a completed top, supposed to be finished around 24 inches square.  I got back a fabulous feathered star.  So, of course it needed fabulous quilting.

 I have the finished quilt hanging on my blue wall in the dining area.  The blue makes the red pop.

I did intense echo quilting within the star.  I wanted the star points to be the focus, so I only quilted around them, not on them.

I really like the lines echoing around the center.

Then, I had to put feathered wreaths in the big spaces.  These helped me on my journey to master feathers.  I'm still on the journey, but much further ahead.

I am enjoying this, especially because I never planned on making a feathered star, but thought they were cool looking.  Now I have one, without making one.  And I still think they are cool looking.

It isn't every day I can work on my own quilts, as I try to keep up with customer work.  But, when I do, I am so excited!

Keep on Sewing!

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  1. That was a great top to receive back in your challenge. You've done a wonderful job with the quilting--great feathered wreaths!


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