Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Week 12 - No sewing, lots of painting!

I worked at getting my painting done.  Is it ever done?  I have the majority finished, but I still have touch-ups and close work to do.  Still I have pictures to share.

This is my red wall - before.  Notice the cream wall next to it.  The second picture is how the red wall looks in the sunlight.

We pulled everything away from and off the walls.  It was piled in the center of the room, and we had to walk around it.

Here, I am covering the red wall with primer (it took 2 coats).

This is my lovely assistant on the first day.  She did most of the cutting in.

 She really got into her work - wearing paint on her face, and elsewhere!

Here is just part of the wall covered in the new yellow.

Here the kitchen has a lovely light shade of brown/tan.

The living room yellow looks great and really sets off my china pottery hutch.

The big wall is yellow, and the half-wall is brown like the kitchen.  It shows up very light here.

And now, the red wall!

It has been difficult to know how to decorate with the previous paint colors.  Now, I am bursting with ideas and need to just put them to work!  I'll post updates later.  Now, I just have to finish all the little stuff and start moving things back to where they belong.

No new hot pads or finished projects, but I hope to sew either tomorrow or Friday.  I need to decide whether to paint first, or get some sewing done for a day.  We shall see!

Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Week 11 ...My how time flies!

Well, I am 11 weeks into the year, and I am keeping up with my blogging.  Will miracles never cease?!  :)

This week I have been painting, and I have more painting to do, so no pictures to show, yet.  I have taken some before and during pictures.  The after pictures will be taken soon, I hope.  Still have trim to do, and the kitchen.

I did finish the customer quilt I was working on, and I got the binding on the baby boy quilt.  Here it is all finished.

I am happy it is done...One less thing on my list.  I have put myself on a spending freeze, except yarn.  I am working only on projects I already have stuff for.  So, what's on the list for this week?

More painting.  Challenge quilt top for guild (due in April). Itty Bitty Pinwheel (cut up - I need to sew back together), or projects for the shop hop.

Just know, I am keeping myself busy when I am not working at the shop.  I have lots to get done and want to get my house back in order.  How about you?

Hot Pad Count:  13

Keep Sewing!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Week 10

It has been a full-of-life-stuff week.  There has not been as much time to do my own sewing as I would like, but I have managed to do a bit.  There will be even less in the coming week as I am painting the living area, and it is going to take a lot of work.  I will try to do some before and after pictures.

So, for this week...

I first worked on a customer quilt.  The quilting is more visible on the back than on the front.  I love this two-step design.  I have done the inner design before, but adding the outer one really made it special.

This is how they look with multiples.

I also put loops in the sashing, but didn't take a picture of it.  I just have the outer 3 borders to do.

I also quilted this little baby quilt...Held by my baby...not a baby anymore, but a 5'11" 12-year-old.
 I made the baby quilt with leftovers from another quilt I did for the store.  I found the instructions on Moda Bake Shop.

Then I also made this bag out of fabric I couldn't resist.  I love the pinks in it.  I am currently using the red bag made earlier this year, but the pink will be perfect for spring and early summer.  I also plan on making a book cover with the same fabric.

This is one of my favorite bags to make.  It goes together quickly, can be quilted easily, and only requires about 2/3 yard of fabric for the outside, and 1/2 yard for the inside.  It doesn't have pockets, although I could add them if I wanted to.  It just is a nice quick finish when I want to make something that doesn't take a lot of time.

I also finished another hot pad this week, bringing the total made to 13.  I gave two of them away last night.  I was glad to have them done so I could give them.

Upcoming projects:  Paint all over the upstairs living area.  When I have time, work on list of projects, or picnic display for the Shop Hop.  I hope you have a good week, too!

Happy Sewing!  (or in my case this week...Happy Painting!)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Week 9

Another week has come and gone.  Another busy one, with not a lot accomplished, although I did finish one customer quilt - ahead of schedule.  I have another one in the works.

However, I did make this apron for the store.  It is from the Verona line by Riley Blake

My hot pad count is up to 12 now.  I thought I would share the colors with you this time.

Thoughts for the coming week:  finish a customer quilt that is in the works, consider a ban on buying new fabric while I finish the long list of projects already lined up for me, trying to finish something else that is in the works.  Most things need quite a bit of time to do.  I might even share the list next time, as I am trying to keep a record of things to be done, and estimating time needed to work on them.  Do you get bogged down from your list of things to do?  Do you have too many projects waiting to be done?  Should we work together to get things done?

I do like writing to-do lists.  I especially find them helpful to keep me on task, and I love crossing them off when they are completed.  Today I completed nearly everything on my to-do list, except quilting.  I am hoping to motivate myself better for tomorrow.

Keep Sewing!