Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Week 11 ...My how time flies!

Well, I am 11 weeks into the year, and I am keeping up with my blogging.  Will miracles never cease?!  :)

This week I have been painting, and I have more painting to do, so no pictures to show, yet.  I have taken some before and during pictures.  The after pictures will be taken soon, I hope.  Still have trim to do, and the kitchen.

I did finish the customer quilt I was working on, and I got the binding on the baby boy quilt.  Here it is all finished.

I am happy it is done...One less thing on my list.  I have put myself on a spending freeze, except yarn.  I am working only on projects I already have stuff for.  So, what's on the list for this week?

More painting.  Challenge quilt top for guild (due in April). Itty Bitty Pinwheel (cut up - I need to sew back together), or projects for the shop hop.

Just know, I am keeping myself busy when I am not working at the shop.  I have lots to get done and want to get my house back in order.  How about you?

Hot Pad Count:  13

Keep Sewing!


  1. I found you, Tammy! It is fun to see what you are doing. I love the little baby quilt. The quilting looks great! Now I can follow along on what my first FMQ teacher is up to!

  2. Thanks, Janet! I'm so glad you liked the quilt.


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