Friday, February 20, 2015

Small Hexagon Flower

My latest small quilt is a hexagon flower quilt.  This is accomplished through English Paper Piecing, and applique.  Mostly hand work.  Which I rarely do.  However, I challenged myself to do it anyway, and here it is!

I challenged our guild to do English paper piecing, applique or hexagons in a quilt, block or project this month.  I hope they participate.  We had 4 participants in the Carpenter's Wheel, so January must have been a busy month for the group.

While I had time between customer quilts, I quilted three small ones of my own.  First, this blue and white one of my own design.

This next one is a baby quilt (for a future grandchild...if ever I get one).  I made it from pieces left over from doing a store sample quilt.  I have another top almost made that is very similar to this one.

You may have noticed the cuddle fabric on the back.  I love how soft it is.

Next, is a quilt of spinning wheels and bicycle fabric.  I purchased the kit from a store on a shop hop last summer.  It is finished, (Hurrah!), and I'll hang it up in the summer time.

And here is the fabulously fun fabric I used on the back.  Even though I just stippled on most of this quilt, I love the motion of the spirals on the spinning wheels.  I also love the texture the quilting gives it.

What will next month's challenge be?  I'm not sure yet, I have two different ideas, and can't wait to find out which one I do!

Until then,
Keep Sewing!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Small and Smaller and Smallest?

This month's mini for our Sew Small Guild is the Carpenter's Wheel.  I've been planning on making this one for a few months.  I sat and sewed these the week after New Year's, and loved making them.

First, all three together:

I just wanted to give perspective of the different sizes, before showing each one individually.   The small one is 16 inches.

 The smaller one is 8 inches.

 The smallest one is 4 inches.

The fun part is that I used my own hand-dyed fabrics for the two colors in each quilt.  The background fabric is a batik left over from another project.

I can't wait to see what the members of the guild come up with.  Annette came up with this Feathered Star for her half-square triangle project.  I absolutely love, love, love this!  She is blogging about it here.  Go to the bottom of the page to see her updates about the mini guild.  I think the quilting first caught my eye, but I also love blue and the fabrics tell a winter story don't they?

I recently attended Handi Quilter shop owner training.  I don't own a shop, but I train new owners of Handi Quilter longarm machines.  I learned so much, and it has revived my excitement for longarm quilting.  There is so much to be done on these machines.  I hope to share more over time. Thanks for joining me on my journey today.

Keep on Sewing!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Small and Smaller Half-Square Triangles

This challenge was given to our guild in November, and I took pictures of the results at our December meeting.

First, this is my quilt.

I spent Election Day embroidering the center, then added the half-square triangles to the outside.  The half-square triangles finish at 1/2 inch.

The challenge for the guild was to make anything using half-square triangles.  These are the projects they showed at the meeting.  First was Lyn's.  She always adds embroidery and embellishments to her projects.

 I can't remember this woman's name, but I do love the embroidered ornaments.  She hadn't quite finished putting the borders on, but I think it will be great.

Then, Anne showed her quilt.  She used scraps of her Christmas batiks.  Fun!

Kim showed us her project.  Now, these are tiny!  I think she said there were 56 in there.

Then, Kris showed us her pin cushion made with the half-square triangles.  She very generously gave the pin cushion to a member of the group.

So, now they are working on their churn dash blocks, and I will be working soon on the next quilts for January.

Finally, a picture of the quilts I made for Christmas gifts this year.  Each of my children, and my husband, all received a quilt for Christmas.  Richard wanted a strip quilt, so I made one from a jelly roll of Snowbird Batiks.  The other four were 2-layer minky quilts.  They were so excited to wrap up in these.

As the weather gets colder here, these quilts will come in handy for everyone!

Christmas here was quiet, but also very nice.  We will do fondue for New Year's Eve, and I hope to continue piecing my latest project as we move into the new year.  Happy New Year all and

Keep Sewing!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Small and Smaller Churn Dash

Today's quilts are for the Sew Small Guild I belong to.  I have asked them to make a small or smaller churn dash quilt.  I provide the pattern, then they can play with it and change it up if they want or make it the same as mine.

This is the small one.  It finishes at 22" square.  I used charms for the color fabric, and lots of background fabric to go with it.  I found the cornerstone and border/binding fabric in my stash.  I had enough that it also went on the back.

Next is the smaller quilt.  This one finishes at 8 3/4 inches square.  I used a bit of a fat-eighth bundle I bought on a shop hop in May of 2013.  I had to buy more background fabric, and since it is from  Maywood Studios, I found it at my local quilt shop.

The half-square triangles in the churn dash are 1/2 inch finished.  I also learned that by strip piecing my sashing units, I could work more easily with small pieces.  I sewed a 2" strip of background to a 7/8 inch strip of red.  Then I cut them into 7/8 inch segments.

Now for some catch up.

I had some fun with this customer's quilt.  She didn't want a lot of quilting, and she wanted to emphasize the applique.  I think this captured it pretty well.  The border design is fairly new to me, but I've seen it a lot around the internet.  Here is a close-up:

Then, the whole quilt:

This quilt was also for a customer.  I really liked doing the pattern in the center of the yellow.

There was a lot of ruler work in both of these quilts.  

Then, I also finished a quilt of my own.  These blocks were part of a friendship exchange several years ago.  They all finished different sizes, so they created a challenge to put them together. I put them together, then put the top away and forgot about it.  This summer, I found it in the bottom of my batting scraps box.  It had the backing and binding fabric with it.  

Here is a close-up of the quilting.  I really just tried to play and choose different designs as I went.  It took me more time than I had planned, but I really like it.

I bought the backing fabric before I owned a longarm quilting machine.  So, I had not purchased enough.  But, I had purchased some fabric, just because, and it fit the other quite well, so I pieced the back like this:

I intentionally off-set the piecing so it wouldn't matter on the back if it wasn't centered.

Next, I finished our guild's mystery quilt last May, except I didn't want to do the applique.  I toyed with the idea of coloring the fabric, after I had quilted the flowers into the quilt.  My friend Lyn took it home and embroidered the flowers in and added yo-yos to the quilt.  She brought it back just a couple of weeks ago, so here are the pictures.

Enjoy the pictures.  I hope you are sewing.  I try to every day, and some days are better than others. Are you working on Christmas giving?  I hope to have pictures soon of my Christmas sewing.  Until then...

Keep Sewing!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Small and Smaller 9-patch

It's time for our Sew Small Guild to meet again tonight.  So, I have been working on Small and Smaller quilts.  This month is the nine patch.  I've enjoyed working with these, although sometimes I'm in such a hurry to get them done, I don't watch all my seams as I should.  Still, I'm enjoying these small quilts.  I'm going on a small trip, so the binding is just pinned down for the pictures, I'll bind them on my trip.

This one will hang in my husband's office.  He doesn't have a Halloween quilt...yet.  This one was made with the fabrics he chose from my stash.

These fabrics were also started from my stash, but I had to buy the yellow print to add to it.  I think it looks like a picnic quilt.  It is only 10 1/2 inches square.

Then, Richard got me these lovely fall flowers, just because.  They are beautiful colors, aren't they!  I love being inspired by color.

Nature provides beautiful color this time of year.  These maple trees are in our own yard.

I took this one just before they started blowing away in the wind.  Now they are mostly in the yard, and neighborhood.

Now, a few tidbits from Alaska.  First our Cake for our Anniversary dinner.

Then, dessert another evening...  The presentation in the dining room is so great!

Then, a watermelon carved for a centerpiece.  Beautiful and amazing work by the artists on the ship.

Enjoy the color, and be inspired!  Keep Sewing!