Thursday, March 1, 2012

Week 9

Another week has come and gone.  Another busy one, with not a lot accomplished, although I did finish one customer quilt - ahead of schedule.  I have another one in the works.

However, I did make this apron for the store.  It is from the Verona line by Riley Blake

My hot pad count is up to 12 now.  I thought I would share the colors with you this time.

Thoughts for the coming week:  finish a customer quilt that is in the works, consider a ban on buying new fabric while I finish the long list of projects already lined up for me, trying to finish something else that is in the works.  Most things need quite a bit of time to do.  I might even share the list next time, as I am trying to keep a record of things to be done, and estimating time needed to work on them.  Do you get bogged down from your list of things to do?  Do you have too many projects waiting to be done?  Should we work together to get things done?

I do like writing to-do lists.  I especially find them helpful to keep me on task, and I love crossing them off when they are completed.  Today I completed nearly everything on my to-do list, except quilting.  I am hoping to motivate myself better for tomorrow.

Keep Sewing!

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