Saturday, February 11, 2012

Week 6 - My oldest UFO!

This week I completed my oldest UFO!  Confetti throwing and celebrating is appropriate!!

I started this quilt at a Retreat held probably 8 years ago (as far as I can remember...)
I finished it later that year, but had not learned how to quilt yet, so the top sat...unfinished...for a long time.  A couple of weeks ago, I stayed late and used the longarm machine at work.  I quilted it and then, last week, I bound it.  I am so happy to have it finished.  Here is a close-up of the quilting.

I quilted loops and hearts in a meandering pattern.  Not too fancy for a not too fancy quilt.

Next, I made these pillowcases for my sister who loves most things French (also Texas).  This is from the Etchings line, and is a street map of Paris.  Of course, I used French seams.  I've been to Paris with her once, and I'm so glad I went.  If I could figure out how to travel without getting sick, I'd love to go again!  There are some fun French-type fabrics out there, but I didn't want it to be pink, so I was glad to find this instead (on our shopping trip last week).

My hot pad count is now up to 9.  I crochet when I'm too tired to do other things in my sewing room.  I also quilted a Valentine's runner for a friend.  It was super cute!

Upcoming projects:  One quilt for a customer.  Borders on my spool quilt.  Quick runners out of birthday fabric.  Contemplating next UFO to finish, and work on the Challenge quilt top.  Lynn's is so cute, the recipient is going to love, love, love it!  Mine won't be as cute, but it will be nice.

I've been looking around at blogs, and there are some good ideas out there. I think I'll stick to just getting things done each week.  I try not to buy new fabric, but some of it just jumps up and down and begs to be taken home.  Working at a quilt shop is dangerous to my pocketbook :).

Please let me know what you are working on.  I'd love to hear from you!

Keep on sewing!

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