Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week 3

And a few more finishes this week.  I've really been keeping my nose to the grindstone, and trying to wrap a few things up.  First, this fabulous scarf.  My son bought me the loveliest yarn for Christmas.  I took a "before" picture of it, but that camera disappeared.  So, here is the "after" picture.  It is soft and lovely and I used up most of the yarn.  Yea, no leftovers!

Then, there is this tree skirt.  I know it isn't Christmas anymore, but, hey, I am ready 11 months early for next Christmas *wink*.  I figured it out without a pattern, but used a tree skirt I made before out of wider fabric for inspiration.  I am especially proud of the quilting in the border.

Then, I also finished my Calendar Cover.  This is the fourth one I've made (one each year).  I usually make it during Christmas break, but I think all I did during Christmas break was bake and clean up the kitchen.  So, I made it last week.  It only takes about an hour or so, and I make it different each time.  I think some friends want to learn how to do it, so we'll be making more.  I also want to make a cover for my Relief Society manual when I get it.

I also did a lot of cleaning, oiling cabinets and such.  This week there is something every day to be done, so I won't get as much accomplished, I'm sure.  However, I will keep plugging away and see what I can come up with.

Works in Progress:

Whoopsy Daisy quilt:  is basted and ready to be quilted.  Just gotta do it.
Itty Bitty Pinwheels:  quilt for a last-minute class on Thursday.  This time in red and white.
More Hot Pads:  I bought 7 skeins of yarn today for hot pads.  This should keep me in business for 2 months.
Cutting up Scraps:  my scrap basket is overflowing and needs to be cut into 5" and 2 1/2" squares.  Then they can be ready for another project.

There is always plenty to do, and this is helping me stay focused and not jump around too much.  Next week I really need to start my Challenge quilt top.

Happy sewing!

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