Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year - Week 1

I'm going to try to post each week and at least list my Works in Progress and my Works Completed.  I am not listing anything that is not at least being worked on sometime during the week.  So, unfinished projects will not be listed unless I am actively working on them (or planning to).

Works in Progress:
Basket Quilt (just need to finish the binding)  Deadline:  January 9th
Whoopsy Daisy Quilt for the store
Scarf to Crochet for myself.  (Youngest son gave me the yarn for Christmas)
Hot Pad (one per week, mostly)  Goal:  40 this year.  They really only take a couple of hours, and I can do one on Sunday each week.

Works Completed in the Last Week:
None.  But, I did get the Baskets Quilt finished quilting last week, and sewed on the binding (1st step).  I also worked on the other projects listed.

I will also be planning activities twice a month for 8-9 year-old girls.  Fun, Fun, Fun!  We start tomorrow with getting to know each other and starting a journal.  Young Women Basketball starts this week, so I will be helping with keeping score each week for the next 8-9 weeks.

My hopes for the new year:
Finish as many quilts as possible
Have a cutting table made for me for my sewing room
Buy new kitchen plates that I like
Do some home decorating
Perhaps put in new flooring in the upstairs hall (I have hated my carpet since moving in 5+ years ago).

At any rate, I hope for a happy, safe, creative and lovely year -- For all of us for 2012!

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