Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 2 - And the Month Goes on...

Hi everyone!  I hope you are able to get some sewing done each week.  I know I am trying to sew.  I actually got something done this week.

This is my "Baskets Quilt".  We worked on it all last year in Quilt Guild. A lot finished theirs by the May meeting.  I finished mine yesterday.  It was intense to make, and intense to quilt, and I am glad it is finished.

Works in Progress:

  • A new Christmas tree skirt.  I started this in December, but run out of time to finish it.  I am in the middle of quilting it, so it should be finished this week.
  • Whoopsy Daisy quilt for the store.  This quilt is basted and ready to be quilted.  I put minky on the back, so I am hoping it isn't too miserable to quilt.  
  • My scarf is still in progress. I mostly work on it during small bits of time waiting for something else. 
  • I finished a hot pad yesterday, and I am in the middle of another one.  I worked on the one last night while we watched a video.  The new one I worked on during quilt guild.  It helps me to keep my hands busy during these types of activities. 
I also found some pictures on my camera of things finished the last part of the year (2011).  I thought I might share them with you.

The above is a "Twister" quilt.  I made this to teach a class using the twister tool.  I love the fabric on this one!

This is a bag, (you know I love bags), to hold plastic garbage bags in my van.  I still need to get it out there.  Maybe tomorrow?

This is a pattern called "Harmony", and I used fun fall fabrics for it.  I think it would be fun in other colorways and leave the pumpkin and leaves off.  It is a table topper and I look forward to using it next fall.  It hung in the store this year, so it didn't make it to my table.  I actually used the long-arm quilting machine at work for this, so it isn't very good quilting, but it was delightful to try.

This is "The Ghastlies" fabric.  I love it!  Only I call it "Dinner with Teenagers".  You know how moody they get, right?  At least at my house they do.  How about at your house?

Last, this is the easiest runner in the world.  It took 1/2 yard of one fabric, 1/3 yard of the other, and about 30 minutes to make.  I actually brought the fabric home on a Saturday, and had it made by the following Tuesday evening.  I didn't see a pattern, but my friend talked me through it on the phone.  Later I found the instructions on http://extension.usu.edu/sewing/.  Pretty fun, huh?

Well, that's this week's review.  We'll see how the next week goes.  I hope to be able to report some work done.  Will you share with me what you are finishing?  Leave a comment if you'd like.

Happy Sewing!

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