Friday, September 18, 2009

Finishing something at last...

I finally finished the customer quilt I was working on, and then I finished this pillow case. I am teaching a class on it on Tuesday, and had an idea to improve it, so I had to try it out. It worked great! Then, this will be a Christmas gift for a certain someone this year. (Gotta keep it a surprise!)

I also finished this jar...

as a memento of our beach trip. I sprayed some of the rocks with a clear spray to make them shiny like they were in the water. I might do it to all of them, because I really like the look of them. The beads around the top say WE HAD FUN. This is to help me remember the enjoyable time spent at the beach ... makes me want to go again!

I also hope to do a quilt later of this, but for now, it will hang out with the quilt I got from Lisa.

Now, on to the next project...another class sample.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Summertime Mini Quilt Received

Today in the mail! She sent it on the 11th, from New Zealand, and I got it today. Here it is...

I love the bright beautiful colors. There are turtles on the background batik, which are one of my favorite animals. There are beads on the wavy lines (waves of the ocean, shells on the beach), and there are beads on the sun. This beautiful quilt, bound in pink, is going to be a lovely reminder of our family trip to the Oregon coast this summer. I will hang it next to my shell and agate collection (when I get it put together) (grin).

This quilt was made by Lisa, and you can see her blog

I finished my canning, for now, on Friday, with the help of my sweetie. I am trying to get a customer quilt done, and prepare for 3 classes for the fall. Plus, of course, taking care of the family and helping with the primary elections yesterday.

Hope your time is not too busy for quilting!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Recipient of the Mini Quilt is....

my good friend Kristi Brodrero! She and I signed up at the same time for the swap and I received her name. So, I have kept it a secret for 2 months that she would receive the quilt. She has seen it on my blog, but didn't know she would get to keep it! Today she came over to visit and I gave it to her. She seemed very happy about it. She was in the group that made the original quilt, so she gets the mini quilt to go along with her original. Yeah! I am happy for Kristi - Congratulations, friend!

My canning is done for the moment, so on to promised projects. I hope to post pictures soon of the things I am working on. Hopefully within a week I will have at least one project completed.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's been a while...

since I have posted. Summer got very busy, and then we went on vacation to the Oregon coast. We saw beautiful sunsets there, like this one...

It was wonderful to relax for a few days. I hunted for sea shells,

sea glass

and agates and other colorful rocks,

and came home with quite a collection. I plan on using these as inspiration for a quilt about the seashore. I also might get a shadow box to put them in. Just looking at them reminds me about how relaxed we were on vacation.

I have also been bottling produce for the winter and this takes quite a bit of my time.

However, the quilting began again in earnest today. I finished my summertime mini quilt swap quilt and plan on getting it to the lucky recipient soon. Then I will post about that. I started a barn raising quilt that will be my Tuesday project, and I have about 6 quilts to piece or quilt for customers. I think it is time I get to work! However, these will wait another day as I have the busiest day I have had in months coming up tomorrow. Then, hopefully, I can keep up with my posting and get more quilts finished for me and others.