Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's been a while...

since I have posted. Summer got very busy, and then we went on vacation to the Oregon coast. We saw beautiful sunsets there, like this one...

It was wonderful to relax for a few days. I hunted for sea shells,

sea glass

and agates and other colorful rocks,

and came home with quite a collection. I plan on using these as inspiration for a quilt about the seashore. I also might get a shadow box to put them in. Just looking at them reminds me about how relaxed we were on vacation.

I have also been bottling produce for the winter and this takes quite a bit of my time.

However, the quilting began again in earnest today. I finished my summertime mini quilt swap quilt and plan on getting it to the lucky recipient soon. Then I will post about that. I started a barn raising quilt that will be my Tuesday project, and I have about 6 quilts to piece or quilt for customers. I think it is time I get to work! However, these will wait another day as I have the busiest day I have had in months coming up tomorrow. Then, hopefully, I can keep up with my posting and get more quilts finished for me and others.

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