Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Summertime Mini Quilt Received

Today in the mail! She sent it on the 11th, from New Zealand, and I got it today. Here it is...

I love the bright beautiful colors. There are turtles on the background batik, which are one of my favorite animals. There are beads on the wavy lines (waves of the ocean, shells on the beach), and there are beads on the sun. This beautiful quilt, bound in pink, is going to be a lovely reminder of our family trip to the Oregon coast this summer. I will hang it next to my shell and agate collection (when I get it put together) (grin).

This quilt was made by Lisa, and you can see her blog

I finished my canning, for now, on Friday, with the help of my sweetie. I am trying to get a customer quilt done, and prepare for 3 classes for the fall. Plus, of course, taking care of the family and helping with the primary elections yesterday.

Hope your time is not too busy for quilting!


  1. A lovely swap, I bet it will lovely hanging.

  2. Lovely wall hanging. Are you participating in the fall swap?

  3. Hi Tammy,The quilt looks lovely in the photo. Im so glad you like it. All the best Lisa

  4. Thank you, Maggi, Carol & Lisa for your kind comments. Yes, I am in the fall swap. I have the design idea mulling in my brain. I hope to begin working on it soon. Thanks so much for checking out my blog!


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