Sunday, July 20, 2014

Catching Up! A longer post than usual.

I've really had time to focus on quilting for others this summer.  My work schedule changed, so I have more consecutive days to quilt...which is so heavenly!

This quilt made me a little nervous because of the 16 inch borders.  However, I traced the big flowers in the center, then traced the design on the borders, alternating flowers, and it worked up pretty well.  The owner was pleased, and giving it to a granddaughter.

The fabrics made me smile, and I enjoyed picking out familiar fabrics that I have owned, or seen at my work.

Then, in time for summer, a great watermelon quilt.  I quilted puffy feathers in the creams, using cream thread, and an echoed paisley in the red and green, using green variegated thread.

I was pleased at some of the compliments received.  I'm working to improve my quilting, and this one was fun to do.

Then, an interesting design, with nine patches, and a type of lattice.  I should have loaded it with the lattice going across the frame, but I didn't realize it or design the quilting in time.

I used blue thread, and did continuous circles in and around the nine patches.  Then, a straight line in the lattice sashing.

I always enjoy the design created on the back.  It's often a surprise to me, mostly a pleasant surprise.

The borders were single blocks, quilted with the same continuous circles.  Then, I filled in the white with squiggles, and did a quilted leaf in the setting triangles.

This next one used some fun fabric, the owner wanted the blocks treated like applique.  I didn't want the quilting to detract from the graphic design of the fabric.  So, wiggly lines around the block.

Big suns in the border felt right with the theme, plus all those angles fit in well.

Secondary design on the back, as the wiggly lines meet in the pinwheel cornerstone blocks.

Same design shown from the front.

Next, a princess quilt.  She wanted it similar to the pattern, which makes my job just a bit easier.  However, I did think of the inner border design.  She wanted an emphasis on  hearts in the quilt.

 More big borders, but this flower was freehand, instead of tracing.

Whew!  I am amazed as I look back on all of these quilts!  It really has been a more productive time this summer than for many months.

Then, last week, a visitor!  That means my own sewing happens.  We each made a Jelly Roll Quilt.  First, my visitor made this one.  

I made this one with Snowbird Batiks by Moda.  I also added an additional row on the top and on the bottom, to make it just a bit longer for my sweet husband.  I think that I will use a pantograph for quilting this one.  I am waiting for the right color of Minky to show up at the store.  Plus I have a few more quilts for others waiting for me.

Not enough time for everything I am wanting to create.  I guess that's normal for everyone.  Still, I am grateful for the time I've enjoyed quilting this summer.  It helps that I can practice quilting for others, and push myself a little bit each time.

I hope you are sewing, too!  I'll have more to show soon!


  1. Oh so fun to see all the great quilts you have been quilting - all really different to work on!! My fave is the one with the "appliqued" animals!! And I love the ones you and your "visitor" made!! Glad to hear your work schedule has made more time for you to quilt for others and for yourself!!

  2. Absolutely Beautiful!!! You are SEW talented!!!


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