Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Quilt Finished

I finally finished this quilt as a store sample.  I loved the way the little pink and brown squares create the diagonal lines.  I also love the little squares that each have something about Christmas in them.

I was working on this quilt at our little retreat in August.  I got the blocks pieced soon after that.

I started quilting it last month, but had several difficulties and decided to leave it alone for a week or so.  Then, last week when I got down to quilting it again, things went smoothly, and I got the binding finished this weekend.  So, it is off to the store to help sell the kits.  I think it is a darling quilt, and look forward to hanging it at home down the road sometime.

There isn't much time for sewing right now, but I am trying to grab every minute I can.  I worked last night on a bag for my mother-in-law.  I got it all together, then realized the lining was not right.  So, I think I'll be unpicking and doing the lining all over again.  That will be about all I can work on this week.

Keep Sewing! (When you can!!!)


  1. That is a very cute quilt, Tammy. I guess I will be able to see it in person soon.
    Oh, how frustrating to have to unpick so much. That will often land a project on a deep shelf at my house. : )

  2. Thanks, Janet. You are so sweet to comment on my posts and keep track of me. I need to be better at that, too.


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