Thursday, September 27, 2012

September Catching Up

I have been finishing a few things over the last bit.  I've wanted to share, but life happens.

Here is a denim quilt I started about 4 years ago, maybe even longer.  I made the top at a Quilt Guild Retreat.  The pattern is wonderful, because there are not any seams with all four pieces being denim fabric.  I remember it took me a bit of time to cut all the pieces.  Then, I put it away in a box.  Then, a nephew got married this summer, and I thought this would be a great wedding gift.  So, I took it to the store, used the long-arm machine to quilt it, and got it finished in time for the wedding in August.  I was tickled with how it turned out, and felt pretty good about my quilting on the long-arm.

I was especially glad to find a plaid flannel for the back with the blue and yellow.

Next, I found this "Blah, blah, blah" fabric on the shop hop in May.  I knew I just had to make a bag out of it to put my crocheting in.  I carry it with me so I can crochet during meetings that seem to go long.  You know, people just saying "blah, blah, blah" and not expecting any response.  Of course, I am still ready to participate when needed, because my concentration isn't really needed when crocheting hot pads.  So, I made this bag.  The pink trim was a fun touch, and is also the lining of the bag.

Then, I wanted to make a kit for the store to use some of our more modern and bright fabrics.  So, I wrote up the instructions for this runner, and we cut 5" squares of the bright fabric and put them into kits, including backing.  I think it is bright and fun, and easy to sew.  None have sold yet, but I am hopeful they will.

I have been working on a store sample that has given me a lot of trouble.  I hope to get it finished soon, but life is happening and we'll see how much quilting I can get done in the next few weeks.

I made a skirt this week, and a slip.  The skirt is extra long, so I am looking forward to wearing it for fall and winter.  I've really been wanting a longer skirt, and the fabric really spoke to me when it first arrived.  It is long enough that I couldn't hang it from a doorknob without it dragging, so I hung it from the chandelier.

And here is a close-up of the Whimsicals fabric.  I think I'd even like a second piece from the same line to make another skirt.  I love making skirts, they're fast, easy and comfortable to wear!

Keep Sewing!


  1. Nice denim quilt. I like the plaid backing.
    That skirt fabric is so cute. Nice choice. Maybe I need to come in and see that line. : )

  2. Thanks, Janet. The skirt was a joy to wear on Sunday. Nice and long! The line is fabulous, too.


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