Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sewing Day with Friends

Several years ago (probably about 8), we started a sewing group.  We meet regularly, nearly every Tuesday, and we work on projects.  Usually individual projects, but we have been known to work on a project together.  We used to have 6 in the group.  One moved 2 1/2 hours away, another chooses not to be with us.  We still get together with the one who moved, about once a year.  This year we went to her house.

Here we are with our "Snap Happy" bags.  We each made one, with our choice of fabrics.

Then, I had to pose them on the piano, so we can really enjoy seeing the bags.

Then, we all worked on our own projects.  Tina was putting binding on a sunflower quilt she had just quilted.  She won these blocks in a blockjack at guild.

Thanks for the smile, Tina!

Pam was working on embroidery.  She was lucky enough to work on it in the car, too, so she got a lot done.

Sorry we can't read it, Pam!

Kristi was putting borders on a couple of small quilts. Very pretty, Kristi!

 I pressed blocks forever, and got to sew the pieces on either side of one set of blocks.  An amazing number of blocks.  This is a store sample in the works.  More on it later.

We also had lunch (taco salad - yummy!), went to a local quilt shop, and drove home again.  A fun, long day. It was well worth the trip to see Tina again, and explore her home.  Her children are absolutely darling and Hannah made great zucchini brownies.   Thanks, Hannah!

I am sew grateful for good friends I can sew with, talk with and be encouraged and inspired by.  Days like these just don't come around often enough.

Until next time,

Keep Sewing!


  1. Looks like a good time, Tammy. Was this North or South of home?


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