Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another Fun Bag

This month, I finished a new bag.  The fabric is "Little Black Dress" by basicgrey, for Moda.  As soon as it came into the store, it spoke to me to make a bag for my mother-in-law.  I made a bright one in June for her, so she needed one for winter, a little more subdued.  She received it yesterday in the mail, and was thrilled!

I had a little trouble with the lining, as I turned it the wrong way when adding pockets.  So, I unpicked again and did it right.  It seems my seam ripper and I are getting to be better friends every day (grin)!  I hope it isn't a permanent friendship (hee hee).

I am slowly working through some other projects, but as they are not completed, yet, I will wait to show them.

Keep Sewing!


  1. I really like that bag! At least you have the patience to do the unpicking and finish the project.

  2. Thanks! I had to think about it for a week first. Then, I just knew I wanted it right.


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