Monday, February 7, 2011

Need Some February Inspiration?

I thought I might share some of my quilts.  These hang in my house in February and make me feel very much in the mood for Valentine's Day.

This is a mini I made last year.  I really enjoyed the process on this one.

 This is a paper-pieced project.  I bought the kit on a shop-hop.  My mom and sister were signed up for the class and I couldn't go.  So, I brought it home and made it.  It hangs in my Laundry room all year long.

This is a promise stitch wall hanging.  I pieced it and Pam stitched the embroidery.  

 I designed and made this one for a challenge.  I didn't win the challenge, but I love seeing it on my table.

Another applique piece.  I did the applique process in a weekend, then pieced it together.  I did this last year as part of a mini of the month with quilt guild.  This wasn't an assigned one, but I wanted to do it.

This runner was made more than 5 years ago.  I was inspired by a Buggy Barn pattern I had already made.  I wanted this to be for Valentine's Day.  I remember creating it during a wintery month, sitting by the south-facing window to get any sun I could.  It is bright and fun.

It is fun to sew for holidays and then use them each year.  I hope you are inspired, too!

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