Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mug Rugs in Progress

 I've been working on mug rugs for a swap.  Here I chose my fabric and sketched my design idea.

I cut squares and triangles.   The pink squares have crowns and jewels.  The recipient can be queen for the day!

I've sewn triangles to opposite sides of the squares.

And pressed them open.

Sew again,

and press.

I sewed them all together and it is too long.  But, I fixed that...

By adding borders half-way through the side squares.

Here it is ready to be basted.

I decided on my second one, to let the fabric speak for itself.

I will quilt them soon and get the binding on.  They need to be posted by Monday.

I think the trick for the square in a square is to pin the triangle in 3 places to keep it straight while being stitched.  I struggled a little with it here.  I'll try it next time.

Happy sewing!

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