Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Small and Smaller

Hi again,

I've joined just one quilt guild this year.  It is a guild with a focus on mini quilts.  We've spent a few years learning much about the history of quilting, and different techniques.  I thought it was time to put our learning to the test.

Some may be intimidated by making something small.  I know I am more intimidated by making something complex.  So, we are warming up with small, simple quilts.  Each one will use elements that can be found in more complex blocks.  The first is the spinning L.

I did it small.


Then I did it smaller. 

The spinning L is made up of 4 of the same unit.  Two strips sewn together.  We will use this later in another quilt.

I am encouraging those who are more confident in their skills to play with the layout of their quilt. Maybe they can come up with something different.

I spent 2 weeks on vacation the first part of September.  We went to Alaska.  One of my favorite things, and one of the scariest, was a zipline.

We were high up in the trees.  I want to do that again!

Keep on Sewing!


  1. Nice little quilts, Tammy!
    Oh, I didn't know you had gone to Alaska. I would love to go there someday. Who am I kidding--I'd love to go anywhere someday! : )

  2. Ok, now I know you are nuts, dear friend!! Small and smaller - yes. Zipline - for sure!! :-))


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