Thursday, October 16, 2014

Small and Smaller 9-patch

It's time for our Sew Small Guild to meet again tonight.  So, I have been working on Small and Smaller quilts.  This month is the nine patch.  I've enjoyed working with these, although sometimes I'm in such a hurry to get them done, I don't watch all my seams as I should.  Still, I'm enjoying these small quilts.  I'm going on a small trip, so the binding is just pinned down for the pictures, I'll bind them on my trip.

This one will hang in my husband's office.  He doesn't have a Halloween quilt...yet.  This one was made with the fabrics he chose from my stash.

These fabrics were also started from my stash, but I had to buy the yellow print to add to it.  I think it looks like a picnic quilt.  It is only 10 1/2 inches square.

Then, Richard got me these lovely fall flowers, just because.  They are beautiful colors, aren't they!  I love being inspired by color.

Nature provides beautiful color this time of year.  These maple trees are in our own yard.

I took this one just before they started blowing away in the wind.  Now they are mostly in the yard, and neighborhood.

Now, a few tidbits from Alaska.  First our Cake for our Anniversary dinner.

Then, dessert another evening...  The presentation in the dining room is so great!

Then, a watermelon carved for a centerpiece.  Beautiful and amazing work by the artists on the ship.

Enjoy the color, and be inspired!  Keep Sewing!


  1. Hope your guild meeting went well. Fun little quilts, Tammy. I'm ready to put binding on a tiny 9-patch today.
    I've never thought to put a quilt in DH's office. Wonder if he'd go for it? : )
    Beautiful Fall color in your yard!
    Wow, I think I gained weight just looking at the desserts, and that watermelon is incredible!

    1. The desserts were wonderful, but so was just eating in the dining room, so much better than the buffet. Thanks for checking in on me!

  2. Oh, Tammy, your flowers are gorgeous!! Aren't the leaves spectacular this year?? And that carved watermelon - amazing!! So glad you had such a nice trip!! You have inspired me to start getting ready (over the next 3 years) for a trek up the Alcan Highway - me and Pollie!! ;-0

    1. I'm sure you would enjoy the trip, Kris. Thanks for stopping by here and at the store to visit. It's nice seeing you again!


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