Saturday, August 10, 2013

I love aprons!

I love wearing aprons, and I love making aprons.  I especially love when I can use what I have.  I have the book, "A is for Apron", and I love reading through it.  I was inspired by one apron, made with linen and patchwork.  Then there was also a suggestion of upcycling an old skirt to make an apron.  Well, I had bought a secondhand linen wrap-around skirt (for the fabric), and hadn't used it all up, yet.  So, I cut the basic part of the apron from it, then added fabric from my stash for the ties, and pockets.  Then, I added the rick rack for decoration.  I only had to buy 2 yards of pink rick rack.  The rest I had in my sewing room. And here is the finished project...

Another success story of working one project into something else!  I also have a new art quilt finished, except for the binding.  It will get finished on Tuesday, while I work the Primary elections.  Don't forget to vote, if it's time to do so where you live!

I'm starting to feel like I'm getting into the finishing mode again.  It feels good to get going, and work through things.  I have a few customer things I'll be doing over the next while as well, and finishing something for me helps me want to do things for others.

Keep on Sewing!

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  1. I love making something out of what I have on hand. Cute apron, Tammy!


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