Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope 2011 is full of lots of sewing and good experiences for all of us.  I hope to get lots of things done, too.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

When I finally got something done...

I took some pictures.  This quilt uses the Sweet Divinity Line by Riley Blake.  It measures about 56" square.  When I get it back, I think I will tuck it away in case I ever have a grand daughter.  (No, this is not an announcement.  It isn't even wishful thinking, just being prepared.)

This one uses the Pure line by Moda.  It is 30"x36".  I like small quilts, but they really take a lot of time, just like bigger quilts.

Next, I'll be doing two samples using the Giddy line by Sandy Gervais.  It will be my after Christmas sewing time.  Plus getting ready for Quilt Guild.

Then, I made 18 books for neighbors and my co-workers.  I made matching magnets and little gift bags for my co-workers as well.  I figure I am giving the gift of organization!

I used up the best of the paper in the book I purchased some time ago, so yesterday I picked up another, so I have plenty of paper for next year!

I am working on two aprons.  One for my sister-in-law, and one for the store sample.  I just have the pockets to put on the one.  I made them too long, so I still need to cut 8 inches off the store sample and redo the binding.  Then, I will take pictures again.

I also made this lap top case for my daughter.  She doesn't read my blog, so it won't spoil the surprise.  Besides, she picked out the fabric :)  I still need to make the matching cosmetic bag to go with it.  That part will be a surprise!

Anyway, I hope you like seeing the things going on here.  I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I am working up a storm...

and haven't any pictures to share with you.  I finished a store sample and took it to work before getting a picture, but it is the Sweet Divinity quilt with Riley Blake fabric.  I am working on another sample, using Moda's "Pure" line.  The top is just finished tonight, and I will get the backing and binding fabric as I work tomorrow.  I plan on quilting it on Friday, and would love to have it back in the shop on Saturday.  I have two basket blocks done for Guild, and their filler blocks, but have to catch up on the ones I should have done for October.  My mystery quilt is taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r to do.  I have sewn 31 strip sets together, and I am cutting them into 2 1/2" chunks.  That takes a lot of cutting time.  There is also a Row robin to get finished before Tuesday morning, but it is mostly fused fabric, so I am hoping it doesn't take too much time.  Certainly, I have "bitten off more than I can chew", but I will persevere and hopefully catch up soon, then get more done over the holidays.  Oh, and I also have two customer quilts waiting to be quilted, and one more to come that I know about.  I have finished about 6 customer quilts in the last few weeks, so I am getting things done, eventually.  I'll try to get some pictures taken soon so I can share them with you.

Until then....Keep on quilting!