Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Use for my Fabric Box

I made this very fun box last February. I made it just for fun. It has been sitting in my sewing room ever since, and I just put stuff in it sometimes. No real purpose. Do you ever do that? Make something without a purpose? I do -- sometimes.
Well, just this week, I came up with a purpose. We were having a neighborhood party. I was in charge of the paper goods. You know what happens to napkins at an outdoor party? That's right -- they blow wherever the wind will take them. So I did this...

I stacked the napkins on end in my cute little box. Not too many comments about it at the party, but I was feeling extremely proud of this little box having a use. I will definitely use it again. Maybe for Thanksgiving if I can convince my family to come to my house.

Keep on quilting!

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  1. Hi Tammy - I found your blog because of the miniature quilt contest - your entry is lovely! Nice to see another Utah blogger!


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