Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Ceramics Revealed

I finished my 10-week course in Ceramics. These are the items I made in the last half of the class. I really am beginning to enjoy this, and to feel I can do it. I know I have lots left to learn, but I love the results so far.

I know that my success in this class (I consider it a success), is due to a very kind and patient instructor, Beth. I am amazed how she can show and talk you through a project, and she is very complimentary of our efforts.

One thing I have learned from taking this class is "Creativity Takes Courage". One student is very creative in her work of hand-building, and takes a great deal of time to work on each project. In this studio setting, courage is easy. There is no criticism of anyone's work, and there is much sharing of ideas and skills. Beth even asked me to share some of my quilting with her, and then she had me share it with others. This was an amazing experience.

I have in my heart a great desire for creativity. Sometimes I just don't know enough about techniques, but many times I am afraid. I am trying to not be afraid. I also would never want to say something to someone else that would cause them to be afraid to share their creative efforts. It is a better thing to appreciate others' efforts and encourage Courage.

Enjoy your creative day!

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