Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Group Quilt Finished

This is a quilt that was a group effort. We made it as a "Quilts of Valor" quilt to be donated. The big blocks were made by Kristi, Lynn, Ann, Pam and myself. Then, we got together to figure out how to put it together. We spent a few minutes discussing our options, then went shopping! We purchased the blue, and also the cream and red for the corner stars. We had a week to make the stars. Then we got together again and pieced it together. I figured the sizes needed and cut pieces. Kristi and Pam pieced together the checkerboard pieces, and Pam pieced the sections together. Lynn pressed the seams, and Kristi made lunch. I quilted it and sewed the binding on. Lynn and Kristi helped stitched the binding on the back side. Kristi made the label and I stitched it to the quilt. Lynn made a case for it to be in (like a pillowcase), and I gave it to our Quilt Guild representative to be sent away. There was a lot of work put into this. And, as with all "work projects by committee", it took a little more time than we expected. However, it is done, and we can move onto other projects now.

Now, I am working on finishing a basement bathroom, and hoping to get some quilting done soon. I also have several baby receiving blankets to make -- I know a few expectant mothers and grandmothers. I hope to share something again soon.

Keep on quilting and creating!

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