Friday, December 11, 2009

I won Blockjack Again!

I am pretty amazed...

I don't win things very often...

But I won the Blockjack blocks for December.

There are 11 blocks with these beautiful trees and red cornerstones. I really enjoyed this block, as I could see a use for it right away.

I was sitting in the meeting, imagining what I would do with the blocks, if I won them, and then they called my name. I was so excited.

Then, later, reality hit and I realized I don't have enough blocks for what I was imagining. I actually need 7 more blocks. So, now I have to rethink my idea, decide if I want to make 7 more blocks, and if so, see if I can get the same red fabric. I definitely won't have time to do it before Christmas.

However, I did work on another Christmas project today.

Last month, I bought a box of sweet rolls by Moda. I actually fell in love with the pattern that came with them. They were Christmas fabrics, and make cute stockings. So, today I made them,
and now they wait for the finishing hand work. I'm still debating whether these will be a decoration at my house, or a surprise for someone else. It is so hard to make something and give it away.

However, the one(s) I would give them away to would more than appreciate the work that went into them.

Next, back to more customer work. Plus, holiday baking, baking for DH's office, church party, etc. etc. etc.

Will I get Christmas cards mailed this year? We will see!

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