Thursday, April 9, 2015

Another Mini Quilt....Just a little late

March's mini quilt is a tiny Dresden plate.  I used a template just for this size.  It required more handwork again.  It did work up pretty fast.  This first picture shows how I first finished it.

I added a border, then the binding in the same color.  I didn't like how it turned out.  So, I then took off the binding and border, and put the binding back on again.  This created it's own border with the binding.

Much better!

The meetings for this guild have been amazing this year.  We've done the mini of the month, a row robin and Dear Jane blocks.  I took some pictures of the row robin and will share them with you.

 Everyone who participated (14 or 16?), provided their own fabric and theme.  Then each month, each participant took somebody else's fabric home to make a row.

There has been excitement each month to see the next row, and quality work shown each time.

I took more pictures, but this group doesn't hold still very well, and many pictures were too blurry to share.

All participants will be getting their rows back this month.  I'm sure everyone is so excited for this!

Then, the mini challenge was applique, hexagons, or English paper piecing.  I gave Kim small (1/4") hexagon papers, and she was very brave to use them and put them with her Carpenter's Wheel.

This ball had a very long mathematical name.  I would trip over my fingers if I tried to type it!

Then these hexagon type blocks.

Annette is working on a tessalation using birds with paper piecing.  She calls it her forever project.

Kris participates in a hexagon swap, and is going to piece hers together to make a shower curtain. Pretty fun idea!

I've been trying to get caught up on customer quilts, but they come in as fast as they go out.  I made a tote bag this week, but it is a little bigger than I expected.  I may make another just a bit smaller.

I am working on the next mini quilt, but I won't be making two of them before next Thursday.  I may make the smaller one before the May meeting, because I really like how the small one is turning out. It will probably finish around 42 inches square.  Not as small as the others, but small enough this time.

Until then...

Keep Sewing!


  1. Tammy--so fun to see all of the wonderful projects--and familiar faces! : )

    1. Thanks, Janet. It is one of the funnest guilds I've ever belonged to. Plus, all the talent!

  2. Love your little Dresden mini! I think the row Robin sounds like a lot of fun!

    1. You are right, Rebecca. The row robin has been very successful, with 14 very reliable participants. They are extremely talented women. Thanks for your comment about the mini Dresden!

  3. Fun post but I had better hold my gut in next time you take pictures!! LOL!!

    1. You'll notice that I stay out of pictures as much as possible! I'd much rather be behind the camera, than in front! Thanks, Kris.


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