Saturday, June 30, 2012

Back to Sewing Again...

It seems as though I went through a few weeks of not sewing much.  Or not finishing much.  I still have 2 quilts finished, except the binding.  I just need some sitting down time for the handwork.  I like this step of the binding, but I haven't had the time lately for it.

However, I am now excited to show some finished work.  My friend had her sisters come to town, and we had a sewing evening.  We made pin cushions.  Here is mine.

That got me thinking about how many pin cushions I have.  So, I collected them and took a picture to share. There are 19 pin cushions.  I think I got them all.  I'm not sure, though.  I kept finding more, hiding in plain sight, while looking for the yellow flower-shaped one.  I use a lot of them, but not all of them.

I took out all the ones I made and left then ones given to me by others.  Some were made specifically for me, others I was given by chance.

A pretty nice assortment, don't you think?

Then, yesterday, I sewed up this quilt top as a sample for the store.  We're selling the kits, and I really liked the panel and the fabrics.  I just think it is a little big for a wall hanging (approx. 52" x 53").  I will hopefully be quilting it next week, along with 2 customer quilts, about the same size as this one.

Then, today, after weeding in the morning, fixing a nice lunch, and taking a nap, I sewed this purse for my mother-in-law.  She picked out the fabric in May, and I will be seeing her next weekend, so I felt it was time to get it done.  It just needs a big button on the front, and the lining sewn closed.

It looks like I have plenty to keep my hands busy tomorrow before and after church.  I am not scheduled to work next week, so I hope to get plenty of sewing time in.  After I do some shopping, planning for Activity Days, preparing for the weekend, etc., etc., etc.  If only life could slow down a bit so I can just sew ;)

I hope you enjoy the week ahead, and maybe I'll have more to share by next weekend.

Until then,

Keep sewing!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Time Really Flies By...

It seems I just can't get to this every week like I was at the first of the year.  However, I'll do what I can. :)

I showed the flimsy of this quilt in April, once I got the borders on.  Then, I quilted it over Memorial Day weekend.  I enjoyed posing the quilt on a chair...

Then, laying it out on the grass...

And, hanging on the front porch.

The spool blocks were made by 61 different individuals.  Each signed her name to her block and we traded them.  It really made it fun and interesting!  We traded the blocks in April 2011, I pieced the main part of the quilt during the summer of 2011, bought the border fabric June 2011, and sewed them on April 2012, quilted and bound May 2012.  A big project that did a lot of sitting!  (Thus, the chair is appropriate, isn't it?)

I also finished this cute 27" square.  It is leftovers from another quilt finished in April.  It will make some little girl happy someday.  It's a great size for a doll.

I've slowed down on the crocheting.  I have quilted a little bit more, but I don't have the binding done yet.  So, maybe by next week I'll have more to share.  I work a bit more than usual this week, and there is a lot going on. I will enjoy next week when the boys are at Scout Camp and I will have my own week :) :) :)

I hope you are able to get some things done, too.  Isn't it amazing how quickly the time is passing?  Thanks for reading!

Happy Sewing!