Saturday, June 30, 2012

Back to Sewing Again...

It seems as though I went through a few weeks of not sewing much.  Or not finishing much.  I still have 2 quilts finished, except the binding.  I just need some sitting down time for the handwork.  I like this step of the binding, but I haven't had the time lately for it.

However, I am now excited to show some finished work.  My friend had her sisters come to town, and we had a sewing evening.  We made pin cushions.  Here is mine.

That got me thinking about how many pin cushions I have.  So, I collected them and took a picture to share. There are 19 pin cushions.  I think I got them all.  I'm not sure, though.  I kept finding more, hiding in plain sight, while looking for the yellow flower-shaped one.  I use a lot of them, but not all of them.

I took out all the ones I made and left then ones given to me by others.  Some were made specifically for me, others I was given by chance.

A pretty nice assortment, don't you think?

Then, yesterday, I sewed up this quilt top as a sample for the store.  We're selling the kits, and I really liked the panel and the fabrics.  I just think it is a little big for a wall hanging (approx. 52" x 53").  I will hopefully be quilting it next week, along with 2 customer quilts, about the same size as this one.

Then, today, after weeding in the morning, fixing a nice lunch, and taking a nap, I sewed this purse for my mother-in-law.  She picked out the fabric in May, and I will be seeing her next weekend, so I felt it was time to get it done.  It just needs a big button on the front, and the lining sewn closed.

It looks like I have plenty to keep my hands busy tomorrow before and after church.  I am not scheduled to work next week, so I hope to get plenty of sewing time in.  After I do some shopping, planning for Activity Days, preparing for the weekend, etc., etc., etc.  If only life could slow down a bit so I can just sew ;)

I hope you enjoy the week ahead, and maybe I'll have more to share by next weekend.

Until then,

Keep sewing!

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  1. What a fun bunch of cushions--an area in which I am sadly lacking. I own two--if you don't count the two magnetic ones. : )


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