Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quilt Guild Challenge Revealed and Week 15

What a great week!  I worked hard, and have finished quite a bit, but the best thing was our Quilt Guild meeting today.  We finished our challenge quilts, and revealed them to each person.  It was exciting to see everyone's reactions to the quilt.

Here are the rules:  We each brought a bag with fabric in it to quilt guild.  We could not add our name or a pattern or suggestion to the fabric.  We then traded bags and went home with someone else's fabric and we were to make a top approximately 24" square for the other person, using only the fabric as inspiration.  We traded in October of 2011 and today we brought them back to trade back again.  We had 5 participants, and many wishing they had participated after seeing the results.

I started it off showing the quilt I finished for Alice.  I took this picture before taking it to Guild meeting.  I think it needs a border of the red, then another of the floral, but I ran out of the red fabric.  I think Alice can add to this very nicely.  Now, I want to make one for me.  I wrote down the instructions so I can.

Then, Alice showed the quilt for Lyn.  She hoped (by the fabric choice) that it was for Lyn and left stitching space for Lyn to fill.  Lyn does amazing embroidery work :)  I love the fun picot and scalloped borders.  Also, I love the green radiating lines formed by the squares leading out from the center.

Then, Lyn showed the one she worked on for Leslie.  She did some amazing embroidery work on it.  My pictures aren't close enough to show, but she worked very hard on it.  Leslie was almost in tears to realize it was for her.  It also has lots of fun buttons on it.  Beautiful work, my friend, Lyn.

Then, Leslie showed her work for Carol.  Leslie doesn't do pastels, so this was out of her comfort zone.  However, she pulled it off beautifully...I love the flowers in the corners.  I also enjoy how the colors play off each other.

Then, Carol showed the one she made for me.  It is a fabulous feathered star.  She said it was a difficult pattern, and she may never make one again.  I have always enjoyed the look of the feathered star, but never thought I would ever make one.  Now, I don't have too!  :)

Weren't those fabulous quilts?!  These ladies did an amazing job (that word, again...but true!), and I am so glad we took part in it.  There was a lot of excitement as each shared what they had done, and each saw what they received.  This was a very rewarding challenge - both to share and to receive.  There were several who expressed that they wished they had done it too, now that it was over.  One even asked me if I would do it again next year.  I am the president-elect, so I will not be able to do that, too.  I have to find 6-7 teachers for classes next year.  That is overwhelming enough!

Now for my finishes this week:

I took the time to make 2 skirts for me.  I loved the fabric and wanted to wear it, instead of hanging it on the wall.  This first one I bought in the shop I work in.

The second was on clearance at a shop 30 miles away.  I love the big flowers on both of them.  They make me smile to see them.

My hot pad count is up to 19.  I think I will make my goal of 40 for the year.  Hopefully even more than that.  It is a good thing for me to do when I am in meetings and need to listen, but like to keep my hands busy.  It is also good for those times when I am waiting for someone, or too tired to sew in the studio.

Now, for a confession.  I did really well, for one month, not buying any new projects.  However, when the new "Butterfields" line, from Henry Glass came in, I could not resist.  I had to do something with it.  So, on Wednesday, April 4th I bought the fabric, and by Monday, April 9th I had the top pieced.  So, here is the completed top (52" square).

And here is the fabric closer up.  I fell in love with all of the colors, but especially the pink dot.  I will use it for the binding after I get it quilted.  I have fabric left over, so I am trying to decide what those pieces will become.  I'll share more on these later.

So, all in all, a good week and lots of sewing time and accomplishments.  Thanks for letting me share with you.

Keep Sewing!

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  1. The challenge quilts are beautiful, Tammy. I can believe that others wished they had participated.
    I like your new skirts.
    And I chuckled at your 1 month of resistance. I'm not sure I've lasted that long! It's a cute pattern. : )


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