Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Favorite Tool

is this "Quilt in a Day" ruler from Eleanor Burns. This particular ruler makes accurate work of half-square and quarter square triangles. It has a chart included (mine is needing to be found right now ;)), and you can make them up to 6" square. It makes 8 half-square triangles at a time, and the pieces are very accurately made. I have tried many other methods of making half-square triangles, and this is my favorite.

I also recommend that any beginning quilter get as big of a cutting mat as they can afford (I love my 24x36 size), and a good quality rotary cutter and ruler. I bought a 6x24" ruler as one of my first rulers, and I use it the most. I am on my 3rd ruler - I broke the first one, and the lines wore off my second.

Quilting is a great thing for me, and tools make everything even easier, more enjoyable and more accurate. What is your favorite tool?

More later! Keep Quilting!

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