Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween Quilting Fun

Blockjack for this month is supposed to be Halloween related. I really hesitated doing this one, because it was quite open-ended. We received 2 pieces of fabric and then needed to make it into a 9-inch finished block, adding our own fabric to the block. I took this at the last minute. Then, within 2 days, I finished this! I really liked the candy corn, and it wasn't very difficult to do. I did a strip set with the three colors, added fusable web, and here it is! I like it, and I hope whoever wins likes it, too.

Then, I have had a widget on the side of my blog for about a month (the inchie of the day), and have wanted to try this technique as well. One of the fabrics I have for Halloween did not make the cut for the block jack block. So, I decided to make inchies out of it. I started with 12 of the inchies, but one disappeared while in the embellishment stage. I also put pin backs on them so I can give them to my friends to wear for October and Halloween. They get to choose one tomorrow at our sewing day. I have a couple of different designs. I found that embellishment is my challenge, and I hope to get better with it over time. Special thanks to Nadine Ruggles for her fabulous instructions and the "inchie of the day" as my inspiration!

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