Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Small and Smaller and Smallest?

This month's mini for our Sew Small Guild is the Carpenter's Wheel.  I've been planning on making this one for a few months.  I sat and sewed these the week after New Year's, and loved making them.

First, all three together:

I just wanted to give perspective of the different sizes, before showing each one individually.   The small one is 16 inches.

 The smaller one is 8 inches.

 The smallest one is 4 inches.

The fun part is that I used my own hand-dyed fabrics for the two colors in each quilt.  The background fabric is a batik left over from another project.

I can't wait to see what the members of the guild come up with.  Annette came up with this Feathered Star for her half-square triangle project.  I absolutely love, love, love this!  She is blogging about it here.  Go to the bottom of the page to see her updates about the mini guild.  I think the quilting first caught my eye, but I also love blue and the fabrics tell a winter story don't they?

I recently attended Handi Quilter shop owner training.  I don't own a shop, but I train new owners of Handi Quilter longarm machines.  I learned so much, and it has revived my excitement for longarm quilting.  There is so much to be done on these machines.  I hope to share more over time. Thanks for joining me on my journey today.

Keep on Sewing!